Name Brand Carpet Styles

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Carpet was and still is the largest flooring category to date. With name brands such as Shaw, Mohawk, and Dream Weaver leading the charge, you can expect to find some really nice carpets in our full showroom. American Wholesale Floors is a proud retailer of quality carpet. Our showroom is packed full of carpet samples. We carry tons of stock on first quality carpeting. When you shop for carpet, there are 3 things you need to consider:


What is the the quality of the carpet? Does the carpet have a warranty? These are great questions. Carpet is meant to be soft and stain resistant. There are 2 major types of carpet fiber, nylon and polyester. There are other choices like wool, but they are fairly pricey. Nylon is the most durable fiber for carpeting. It can withstand tons of foot traffic without separating from the backing. Nylon tends to not be as stain resistant so it must be treated with a stain protectant such as Stain Master. On the other hand, the polyester fiber is a lot more stain resistant naturally than the nyon, yet not as durable. For this reason, polyester carpeting is more affordable than nylon. Both are great choices for carpeting and should bith ne considered.


Sometimes price isn't an issue but most consumers are still cost conscience. In carpeting, price can range from $1 per sq/ft to $25 per sq/ft. How do you know you are getting the best price? Sometimes it all depends on where you shop. At American Wholesale Floors you will receive our best price on all products, especially carpet. We do the leg work for you and discover the latest carpet trends, styles, and colors, and negotiate the best price with with the distributors. In this way, you can expect to receive the best price we have.


When it comes to flooring, especially carpeting, service is the most important. This is a major purchase and we accept that. Our sales staff has been in the industry for over 25 years and is very qualified to address any concerns you may have. We have a dedicated set of installers who will gladly treat your job as their own. We aim to have 0 mistakes from the beginning of the carpet buying process, to the end. If issues arise, rest assured that our industry knowledge is the best in the business. American Wholesale Floors offers the best service in central Florida. Located in DeLand, FL we gladly service our area with confidence.