Laminate Flooring

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Choosing Laminate Flooring

There are many great options when it comes to hard surface flooring, but today we will be focusing on laminate floors. Because of the stigma involves with manufactured flooring versus natural options, laminate floors may have gotten a bad wrap, but today we will clear up any preconceived assumptions and bring you some really good reasons to choose laminate flooring over other options.

The Price is Right!

Laminate is one of the more rare cases in the flooring industry, being a cheaper alternative to more traditional and expensive wood floors. Saving money in this economy is very important and laminate allows you the look and feel of wood flooring without breaking the bank in the process. There are several lower cost laminates that are a higher quality. Even the most costly and durable laminates are cheaper than most hardwoods

Installation made Simple

Guess work is not a good thing with a big purchase, and for the majority of new flooring purchasers this will be your first time. DIY installation is very possible though, as the guess work is completely taken out of the equation. Modern laminate floors have been designed to be “new user friendly,” giving you the option to do it yourself rather than pay for an installer to do the work. Interlocking boards offer no need for the use of adhesives and if you mess up, you simple take a step back and do it again.

Maximum Durability

The unique construction of laminate floors allow you to be a little less concerned around your home. Laminate is very durable and able to go in any area of the home. The top surface of the laminate is made of a pplastic material making it harder than most hardwoods and luxury vinyl plank. Armstrong flooring has even created a product with a laminate top, but a vinyl core called Pryzm. Because laminate is so durable, its a great choice for homeowners with pets or children.

Cleaning and Maintenance are Easy

This is pretty much self explanatory, but just to refresh, you will never have to sand laminate floors, you will not have to polish them and you will rarely even need to mop. Just sweep on a regular basis and spot clean when the need arises. It is that Simple! Sweeping lamiante flooring is relatively easy because of it's smooth surface, which repels dirt and grime.

Options, Options and Even more Options!

Because this is a mostly manufactured flooring option, laminate comes with a plethora of textures, thicknesses, colors, patterns and grains to choose from. Because the top layer is typically a replica veneer of the wood type it is representing, it can be altered to become a unique and exotic look. Hardwood species thatd are beautiful in appearance are sometimes not a good choice as a flooring product. Laminates can give us these visually stunning hardwoods to showcase on our floor and maintain its durability