Flooring Products In Deland FL

Diverse Selection

With decades of experience in the wholesale flooring industry, American Wholesale Floors is proud to offer you the most diverse selection of flooring products in Central Florida. We understand the process of buying flooring, and that is why our showroom in Deland boasts a dynamic selection of flooring products such as carpet, luxury vinyl plank, traditional hardwood, laminate flooring, and tile. We have a full line of kid-friendly and pet-friendly products. Plus, our displays are designed with name brand flooring and cabinets. Finally, we have a variety of waterproof laminate and durable flooring options suitable for the wet and humid climate in the Greater Orlando Area. Read More...

The Right Kind of Flooring No Matter the Weather

The city of DeLand, Florida was founded in 1876 after Henry Addison DeLand visited the area. This area was only accessible by steamboat via the Saint Johns River and was known for the numerous springs and aquifers in the region. 1 Therefore, the town of DeLand was settled in an unusually wet environment. Plus, the average rainfall for DeLand is nearly 60 inches, twice the national average.
As a result of the remarkably wet climate in DeLand, it is necessary to choose flooring that will withstand the kind of saturation and humidity found in Central Florida. For this very reason, the sales team at American Wholesale Floors believes it is imperative to choose quality waterproof flooring over traditional hardwood floors. In harsh climates like those in Deland and Orlando, wood deteriorates much more quickly than waterproof flooring and will have to be replaced. Depending upon what you choose, waterproof flooring can last up to 30 years or more if properly maintained.

Sales and Service

The sales team at American Wholesale Floors has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. They know what the trends are in the flooring industry, and can help you choose the kind of flooring that is not just a good choice, but is the right choice for you. The sales team agrees that with the right blend of fashion and forethought, you can get the kind of floor you want, but also what you need.

At American Wholesale Floors, we are dedicated to bringing central Florida the best selection of flooring options. Located in DeLand Florida, our storefront showcases a huge amount of products, ready for installation. We are dedicated to offering quality flooring products like carpet, tile, luxury vinyl, hardwood, and waterproof flooring. Let our courteous staff guide you to the best products for your remodel or new build.

What To Look For When Shopping For Flooring

Flooring comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, but what is the difference between the products and how do you tell the best of the best? There's truth in the saying that "you get what you pay for". If the price is super cheap than most likely the flooring is super cheap. One way to determine quality is by the warranty. We've dealt with thousands of homeowners such as yourself, who will never have to file a warranty claim during the life of the floor. And we hope you'll never have to either. But a warranty determines the amount of time a manufacturer is willing to "stand behind" the floor after its purchase. This is good indication of how durable the flooring is. On occasion, we at American Wholesale Floors, come across some super good deals that are hard to turn down. For the budget minded individual, these deals can be a nive way to grab an expensive floor at a good price, At American Wholesale Floors, our trained staff is ready to assist in finding you the best quality flooring on the market.